Taoism And Confucianism Essay

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Confucianism and Taoism are two of the most prevailing philosophies in Asia, even if they seem to contradict each other. Confucius asks us to live a very structured life in accordance with li, which is right action. Taoism allows for many different viewpoints, and would probably be accepting of Confucianism even though it seems to contradict Taoism. Taoists believe there are many ways to live and view life, and no one is better than the other. Li was Confucius’ idea of the correct way to live. If one has proper li they know how to act in all situations and are a proper Confucian gentleman. This includes filial piety, brotherhood, righteousness, good faith and loyalty. One learns how to respect these things and how to act from their father, village elder, or another member of power in a Confucian community. This is the concept of filial piety, or respect for one’s elders. The concept of power and the relationship between those in power and the subordinate group are also key ingredients in Confucianism. The person in power is supposed to protect those subordinate to him / her and those subordinate members have the right to revolt if they …show more content…
There is no proper way to live, as all viewpoints are accepted. Life is viewed in terms of relationships, and how those relationships vary over time. This is why Taoists believe in the uncarved block, which is the idea that an individual is best if they are not shaped by society. Confucianism believe that one must be shaped and molded by society, as the buds of proper way need cultivation from the community. Taoists resist this idea, and believe an individual is best if they remain true to themselves. We should actually do away with large scale societies and our modern structured life according to the Tao. One should live in a small community and keep to themselves, interacting with other societies only broods

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