Intellectual Disability Essay

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Intellectual disability is a term that is used when a person has definite boundaries in cognitive functioning and skills, in conjunction with communication, social and self-care skills. However, before getting to the concept of intellectual disability more ahead we should understand the perception of disability itself. Disability is an individual execution, which contains physical, sensory, cognitive, intellectual mental illness impairments, and several types of chronic diseases. Intellectual disability was once called metal retardation, which is represented by below average intelligence and deficiency of skills compulsory for day-to-day living. Intellectual disability comprehends several forms of cognitive deficiencies …show more content…
There are many educators that will say that these students cause too many problems and you must have more than enough patience to work with the students. A classroom that efficaciously involves students with disabilities is proposed to welcome diversity and to address the individual needs of all students, whether they have disability or not. The students with intellectual disability need a place where they can feel like they are same as other people. No body should neglect them or see them as problem. However, this bring us to the question should students with intellectual disability be in general education classroom well, it could be yes or no at the same time because it depends where these students are being put and who are there educators and how they are treating them. If these students study with other students it could be beneficial to these students because they get to meet other students and try to be friend with them. The teachers and paraprofessional try their best to make the environment suitable for the students with intellectual disability. Sometimes, the teachers and paraprofessionals can distribute the class, where each teaching a small group or tutoring individuals. They can also use accommodating learning projects to help the students learn to work together and can build up a social

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