The Concept Of Happiness And Happiness Essay example

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The Concept of Happiness

Happiness is finding satisfaction in everyday life. There are many factors that, added together, equal happiness. That particular equation is unique to each individual. Many times happiness is sought in material things. Happiness can not be bought, it is free. It can not be touched, but can be felt and it can not be borrowed, it should be owned. Even though there is not a single definition, or formula, for happiness, there are several common factors that most people can identify with. Happiness can be felt through love, found in peaceful surroundings and enjoyed through successes.

The first factor in the equation of happiness is love. Love and happiness go hand in hand. Love is most commonly felt between family and friends. The love one shares with family offers happiness in the form of safety, security and comfortability. There are different variations of love between family members. The love between children and parents differs from the love between husbands and wives. Families love unconditionally and forever. The bonds between family members can not be broken, even if there are disagreements. Love between friends offers a different kind of happiness. With friends, people feel connected, accepted and desired. Often times, people feel more connected with friends because they are attracted based on similar likes. Friendships do not always last forever, but most have a lasting impression. Family and friends often bring out the…

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