The Concept Of Finances By Margaret Atwood Essay

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Some people struggle with the concept of finances. Margaret Atwood forms her own theory, with evidence, on the topic of finances in her book Payback. Topics that will be discussed is Margaret Atwood’s views on finances to society, literature that supports her views, and a personal interpretation, and opinion, of Payback. Alistair Macleod stated that writers write about what worries them. Atwood contributed to this statement, with her own opinion, that writers write about what worries and puzzles them.
“The subject of Payback is one of the most worrisome and puzzling things I know” (Atwood). Throughout the text Atwood makes it known that she knows little about finances and that her curiosity has led to gathering information, creating Payback, and coming to her own conclusion about the origins of the concept of finances. Atwood uses her childhood, and concept over money at that age, as an example. Furthermore, Atwood explains her interpretation of the correlation between finances and religion, and finances and basic human instinct.
Atwood argues that a “sense of fairness” is an “ancient inner foundation stone” that is implicated in credit practices. What does she mean by this? She mentioned that pattern of behavior is, the longer it has been with us, more integral to our “human-ness”. Atwood stressed that she is not proposing absolute “human nature” but that without gene-linked configurations, or foundational stones, the variations of basic human behavior within our society…

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