Essay On Equality And Diversity

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Diversity and Equality in today’s society It seems today that diversity is something that should be embraced but diversity is as distant as equality. In his essay “People Like Us,” David Brooks acknowledges that American society as a whole does not really embrace diversity and equality. In fact, most Americans group themselves with people who are just like themselves thus leading to the argument that likeness shapes American culture, not diversity and equality. “But people love it. Make no mistake-we are increasing our happiness,” by not fully embracing the idea of diversity and equality (Brooks n. pg.). If one is to look at one’s own life, then one would most likely notice that one surrounds oneself with people very similar to themselves. The idea of diversity and equality have changed rapidly since this article was first published in September 2003. When one considers the social instability of 2003, then one can understand where the author was writing about. The year 2003 was the …show more content…
The dream of diversity and equality go hand in hand; for diversity to be present so must equality. They are both ideals “that we celebrate even as we undermine them,” in American everyday life (Brooks n.pag.). For many different groups in this country, diversity and equality are dreams that are within arm’s reach but still unobtainable. For example, LGBTQ individuals in this country are only allowed to marry the one they love in only a handful of states in this country; in 2003, there were no states in the United States that allowed same sex marriage. There are still massive amounts of hostility aimed towards the LGBTQ community and even recently there was a horrendous shooting at a dance club in Orlando, Florida. If there is so much anger and hostility aimed toward a specific group in America, then Brooks was correct we he mentioned that America undermines the values of diversity and equality every

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