The Concept Of Cognition And Its Origin Essay

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Young children are not only growing and developing physically, socially, culturally, and spiritually throughout early childhood across their life span but psychologically as well. By the point in time when children are fully developed, they have already learnt a great deal concerning life. They can differentiate right and wrong, and identity things adults aren’t aware of. They understand the concept of impossibilities like walking on water, and know that missing objects can be found. They also know that if they need to communicate complex ideas the only way to do so is associate language with meaning as compared to using nonverbal cues such as gestures. Children amass this great amount of knowledge and understanding through their thoughts, experiences and senses (i.e. cognition), consisting a number of factors, some inherent (nature) and some learned (nurture). This essay seeks to identify and describe the concept of cognition and its origin, highlight three major categories consisting theories of cognitive development in children and what distinguishes them, and examine theories that are directly linked to cognitive development in children (change over time).
How does one define cognition and its origins? What is perhaps the most influential way of defining the term cognition in contemporary times, is (1) A process: something that human beings do and (2) a product: (i) an activity of knowing: acquiring, organizing and using knowledge, (ii) individual’s mental representation…

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