Essay on The Concept Of Canadian History And Politics

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The concept of nationhood in Canada is one that has been highly debated throughout Canada’s history from initial English-French conflict between first settlers, to the debates leading up to confederation in 1867, to the present. These struggles between English and French Canadians to have their distinct identities recognized as part of the fabric of the country remains a constant in the narrative of Canadian history and politics from 1864 onwards. As the country grew and changed throughout the 20th century, the founding “two nations” principle that divides the country as either French or English, shaped the idea of nationhood in Canada and became an important topic of political discourse. After the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s the Québecois began to request formal recognition of the distinctiveness of their identity in relation to the identity of the rest of the nation. From this request for formal recognition of Québec’s unique culture and identity came the common use of the terms “distinct society” and “nation” as descriptors for the relationship between Québec and the Canadian federation. These descriptors are the subjects of debate among many groups of intellectuals. Many of which contemplate the differences between a “distinct society” and a “nation," in addition to the many definitions that may alter the sense of the term when employed in discourse surrounding a province in a federation. In order for Québec to be officially recognized as a unique cultural unit within…

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