The Concentration Of Jews And Non Jews Essay examples

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Millions of Jews and non-Jews were lulled into a false sense of security when they were told they would be taken to camps that had better working conditions. They were manipulated to the point where they no longer had a voice. Slowly, Hitler’s true intentions started to show. It all began with the manner in which they were transported to the camps. Trains were packed with hundreds of people to the extent that many had limited movement and it was difficult to breathe. The ghettos and factors were not an improvement. People were chosen for either enslavement or execution behind the closed gates of the ghettos. Death Marches or gas showers were used in mass genocides. Mothers, fathers, children; no matter which race or gender they were, if they happened not to be the German ideal or if they opposed to the Nazi regime, they gradually were stripped the rights of being a citizen of the German country. These people involuntarily lived under these conditions for nearly 12 years. The period from January 30, 1993, when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany until May 8,1945, when the war in Europe finally ended, were some of the darkest moments of the victims of the holocaust. Yet, even after the liberation, the victims still suffered from the impact of the holocaust both emotionally and physically. The Psychological and Emotional traumas suffered throughout the holocaust had long-term after effects on the holocaust survivors, their future generations, and the bystanders.

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