The Concentration Camps During World War II Essay

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The Concentration Camps run by Nazi’s during World War II were horrific and unimaginable. The people of this world will forever know the conditions, treatments, mass murder, experimentation, and many other factors helping make the concentration camps leave a mark on history that will be forever known by the people of this world. While there are many things that could be covered on this topic, there are three that need to be stressed and understood. These topics are the different types of camps, treatment at those camps, and finally describing what happened in the most horrific camp, Auschwitz. What follows will help you understand how these camps functioned, and what happened inside those barbed wire fences. Many people think that all Nazi Concentration Camps were the same, every camp the same as the next. There were in fact, three different types of camps. The first of those camps is a labor camp. The first process was to separate the Jews. The Nazi’s had them line up in long lines usually in gender or age. The weak ones were picked off and sent to death immediately. The one’s strong enough to be able to work were registered, branded with a serial number on their arm usually, and then sheared of all their hair (Jewish Virtual Library). Getting this opportunity to work could save your life, but also end it. The working conditions were harsh; most workers worked themselves to their death. The Jews could also be deemed unproductive, and executed for…

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