The Components Of Strategic Career Management Essay

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Professional Growth Plan
Strategically managing your carer can be summed up as: recognizing strengths and weaknesses, reflecting on how you can overcome weaknesses, setting a plan of action that includes the goal and completion date. The importance of strategically managing your career is the essence of understanding who you are, how you work and learn and where you need improvements or changes. Attempting to plan a career, set goals, accomplish goals, evaluate progress and create new goals based on your findings is the core to having an enriching and fulfilling work life balance. If you do not understand all of these things, then you are just going through the motions of a daily grind and will most likely be unhappy with your professional choices.
The components of strategic career management are: Looking inward, looking outward and looking forward (Simonsen, 2000). Having the ability to look inward, while reviewing your abilities and preferences, is essential to knowing how you learn, work with others and learn. Looking outward can provide you with barriers and opportunities based on your current knowledge, skills and abilities. The looking forward phase will provide you with a game plan to advance your career and accomplish the goals set by looking inward and outward. My short term, mid range and long term goals mostly evolve around receiving my bachelors degree. Unfortunately I am in a career that is not something I see myself doing long term…

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