Depression And Suicide Summary

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The article entitled, “To Know Suicide: Depression Can Be Treated, But it Takes Competence” is about the components of suicidal depression. The article introduces an American artist, Ralph Barton, who leaves a suicide note behind explaining that his difficulties have brought him a life of deep sadness and depression. The article explains how stress is an important factor for suicide, but one of the most prominent risk factors are mental illnesses. Suicidal depression is described as involving pain and hopelessness. Everything is an effort for a person who has this problem. Suicide seems to be the only option when someone has suicidal depression. She discusses how many professionals treat depression but are not very well trained to do so. Methods of treatment are discussed such as the drug lithium. A combination of psychotherapy and drug use, as well as electrocompulsive therapy is used for treatment for depression. The article discusses how depression patients should be educated about the symptoms and treatment for depression and that their families should be involved in their lives to help in recovery. A plan for dealing with and caring for depression patients is beneficial. This article covers the basis for depression and suicide (Jamison 2014).
Depression is defined as a sad state of mind that seems dark and makes challenges very
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Depression is described in the article as involving pain and hopelessness. It says that depression puts a person in a state of agitation and despair (Jamison 2014). The description of depression in the article relates to the information above by that the symptoms described in both sources are similar. This similarity between the article in the other source shows that the information contained in the article is accurate. Both sources describe depression as a condition where a person experiences persistent feelings of being hopeless and

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