Essay on The Components Of Additive Manufacturing

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Additive Manufacturing is a process by which a machine builds a model up layer by layer to eventually create a three dimensional object. The machine works by slicing a 3D model into layers in software. The 3D models are created with CAD software. It then creates a toolpath in the software for each layer. [1] The layer thickness can be changed to have control over how detailed of a part you want. The thinner the layer the better detail the finished part will have. This process is also more commonly known as 3D printing or rapid prototyping. The most common use of additive manufacturing is prototyping, this process is also being used to manufacture parts. Moreover, additive manufacturing is being used a wide variety of industries such as automotive, aviation, manufacturing, medicine, jewelry and as a home application used by hobbyist and small home run manufactures.
As popular as additive manufacturing is today, it has taken many years for this process to become main stream. Additive manufacturing was first developed in the early 1980’s when Dr. Kodama filed a patent in 1980. The ironic part of Kodama’s story is Kodama was a patent lawyer but he did not file his patent before the 1 year patent deadline. The first official patent was filed by Charles Hull in 1986. His patent was issued for a stereolithography apparatus. Hull eventually went on to co-found a very successful additive manufacturing company, still operational today, called 3D systems Corporation.[2]
Hull and Kodama…

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