The Complications Of Cyber Bullying And Social Media

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In the last two decades, a growing concern has been expressed over the issue of bullying. Therefore, the subject has gained momentum in the public domain, alerting people about the impact that it may have for youngsters’ physical and psychological development and well-being. Despite the fact that campaigns have been launched in order to raise awareness about this problem, the truth is that bullying is on the rise; and what is even worse, maximized through networking websites.
The aim of this paper is to present the issue of bullying with emphasis on social media as a means to perpetuate patterns of aggressive behaviour, exploring the implications that it has on both; bullies and victims, along with some advice for educators.
According to Britanica , bullying involves “intentional harm-doing or harassment that is directed toward vulnerable targets and typically repeated”. This might be expressed through the form of “physical assault, verbal abuse, theft,
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Cyber-bullying, or what specialists called “Internet or online aggression”, implies the persecution of people by using mail, text messages, web pages, blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This manifestation goes beyond the traditional “playground perspective”, as this form of harassment takes place outside school 24/7. Recent research has shown that Facebook is the leading social network selected by bullies to target their victims. What is more, they have also found out that 19-year-old teens are the most victimized population compared with other age groups.
How does cyber bullying differ from other forms of bullying? Specialists agree that there are certain features that characterize these deliberate acts such as anonymity, virality and easiness of

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