Essay about The Complexity Of The Human Mind

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The complexity of the human mind exemplifies through two main components: the rational and emotional mind. While the rational mind derives from scientific reasoning and past experiences, the emotional mind emerges reactive and centers on bodily emotions. When effectively balanced, the rational and emotional minds create a sense of harmony, through making decisions that satisfy both the head and the heart.
The amygdala, a key component of the emotional mind, “ is an almond shaped cluster of interconnected structures perched about the brainstem near the bottom of the limbic ring” (p14) While retaining a small structural percentage, this structure preserves a critical position - it is the “specialist for emotional matters” (Goleman, 2005, p. 15). As the emotional specialist, it subsists vital that the amygdala continually functions correctly. While the overall emotional process coexists perplexing and complicated, the amygdala functions can stand condensed for informal understanding. This structures “extensive web of neural connections allows it, during an emotional emergency, to capture and drive much of the rest of the brain – including the rational mind.” (Goleman, 2005, p. 17) Its control transpires throughout various parts of the body, such as hormone secretions, heart rate and pressure variations, suppression of bodily systems, and altered movement. The amygdala serves an imperative part in the emotional mind and when injured, completely alters the way an individual…

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