The Complexity Of Characters Within Hamlet Essay

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The complexity of characters within Hamlet

Who is this character named hamlet? Why is he interesting or odd? Hamlet is a complex character. From the beginning of the story, we are introduced to his odd personality. Hamlet is full of contradictions. He is thoughtless yet alert, polite yet rude, caring yet careless. When Hamlet’s father passed away, he was filled with anger, Outrage and mistreatment. He shows a different side of himself when shows no regret when he is guilty for the deaths of his friends Rosencrantz, Guildenstern and Polonius. Hamlet shows disrespect towards Ophelia, who is Polonius’s daughter.
Since Hamlet is a complex character he tends to display different personalities to certain people. Hamlet illustrates his personalities to the readers. His personalities are displayed when he interacts with other characters. These qualities give an insight help to give an understanding on how Hamlet feels about the character’s he interacts with. When hamlet speaks of these phrases and speeches he gives an expressive feeling. Hamlet reveals his qualities of his personalities. He sometimes has the love for people. The respect and has the tendency to hate people. Hamlet 's most important complex characteristic is displayed with how he interacts with his family and friends. The most important person that Hamlet cares about is his mother who is the

queen, named Gertrude. Sadly, one of Hamlet 's characteristics is negativity. He reveals it in a conversation with…

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