The Complexities Of Ptsd ( Ptsd ) Essay

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The Complexities of PTSD
The modern day term PTSD was originally used to describe a soldier who was adversely affected by war. (An example for this would be seeing so many people getting shot and then killed.) Over the course of time and studies, researchers found that the Holocaust, natural disasters, and man-made disasters could also lead to PTSD symptoms. PTSD has evolved into a more common diagnosis but still each person evaluated must meet the criteria needed to classify their illness as PTSD, but there is a very thin line between PTSD and moral injury. PTSD can affect many people and ages. Initially the term for PTSD was called “shellshock” and people thought that it was only a result of war, but through time and research it is known now that people suffering from PTSD could get effected by anything, whether it be rape, a natural disaster, combat, a man-made disaster, serious car accidents, violence inflicted to them or in front of them, or anything else one could see as traumatic.
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental disorder in which the person experiences a traumatic event, and later can experience PTSD symptoms. In the war soldiers returning from war had the possibility of developing PTSD. War is hard, and it drains a person mentally, so it is shocking to me that most soldiers do not return with some form of mental illness. Soldiers would return home after the war, and begin to have symptoms, proving that something was wrong mentally it took time for…

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