The Complex Relationship Between Globalization And Poverty Essay

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The complex relationship between globalization and poverty has been a major debate over the years with globalization perceived as both a cause of poverty as well as a solution to poverty. Globalization can be thought of as the process of integration and interaction among people, nations, and governments through trade liberalization, international technology exchanges and mobility of capital and information (Kaplinsky, 2013). It has an impact on the culture, environment, political systems and economic development of societies globally. Poverty, on the other hand, refers to the scarcity of resources or a situation where a country or a person lacks a given amount of resources. It is a condition where a nation lacks the necessities to enjoy the minimum living standards in the society (Kaplinsky, 2013). The understanding of whether globalization assists or hurts the poverty level of the world remains a constant debate.
Globalization is acutely controversial. Advocates of globalization contend that it permits poor, developing nations and their citizens to establish themselves economically and improve their living standards. The optimists claim that globalization increases income across the board so that countries that are at the bottom of the income distribution also benefit in absolute terms. On the contrary, adversaries of globalization maintain that the development of an autonomous international free market has profited multinational companies in the Western domain at the…

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