Essay on The Complex Problem Of Climate Change

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The complex problem of climate change is a gradual killer threatening human health in many ways, including illnesses transmitted by food and water, increased extreme weather, and decreased air quality. The increased concentration of atmospheric carbon has been associated with a rise in average global temperatures. Scientist can measure this from investigating atmospheric systems. An example of this is looking at ice cores. Ice cores provide the most direct and detailed way to look at past climates because the information is preserved in frozen layers. Another example is to look at terrestrial systems by investigating how droughts and wildfires have impacted climate change due to human activity. There is evidence supporting this showing how over the course of years, the frost-free season length, frost days, dry days and hot nights have changed dramatically. Scientists can also gain information from looking at marine systems specifically ocean acidification. Oceans help balance the amount of atmospheric CO2 by absorbing it and changing it to carbonic acid, which increases the pH in the Earth 's oceans. When the pH of the oceans increase, coral reefs and marine life slowly begin to die (lecture PowerPoint 10/20). However, in the film ‘Climate of Doubt’, global warming is debunked because of a small-scale trend in cooling over the last 10 years. This is used to dispute the evidence of global warming. Climate scientists say that it is playing games with the data. Scientist agree…

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