The Competency Outcomes Performance ( Copa ) Q Model Assignment

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The Competency Outcomes Performance (COPA)q Model Assignment
Reflection: A Dangerously Low Blood Sugar The scenario presented in the reflection assignment, describes an encounter with managing a complex Type 1 diabetic patient 's blood glucose level. Upon assessment, I discovered the signs and the symptoms of a low blood glucose level such as, fatigue, tachycardia and diaphoresis. The clinical manifestations warranted further investigation and immediate intervention. Specifically, in the case of a patient who is nothing by mouth, the administration of intramuscular Glucagon. The problem that occurred was, that there was no order at the time to check the blood glucose level. This led to a need to apply theoretical knowledge to identify the clinical manifestations of hypoglycemia, apply clinical judgement to obtain a finger stick blood glucose level to confirm findings, and clinical reasoning to implement the appropriate intervention to resolve the patient 's low blood glucose level. I communicated my assessment findings to the physician and obtained an order for more frequent blood glucose monitoring, and an additional order for as needed (prn) blood glucose monitoring.
COPA Competencies
This scenario demonstrates several of Lenburg (2009), COPA competencies. The COPA competencies reflected in this scenario are the assessment and intervention skill, the critical thinking skill, and the knowledge integration skill. In this scenario I demonstrate the simultaneous…

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