The Compass Test

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The thought of college while you’re in high school is very exciting. It becomes less exciting during your senior year when you must begin the actual processing of all requirements to begin college. I will explain the process of the journey. The main points crucial for an acceptance are picking the right test whether it be the SAT or ACT, having to take the Compass test as a first year student, and deciding on a major and degree.
First of all, one of the most important parts of admissions are the SAT or ACT. You have a choice of either one. The major difference between them is the areas of testing. The SAT contains only three sections reading, math, and writing and language. The ACT is sectioned into four parts which are reading, math,
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The Compass Test is a placing exam that takes math, reading and writing. According to Complete Test Preparation, Inc. Pass The COMPASS! : COMPASS® Study Guide And Practice Test Questions by Victoria, BC, The reading section consists of reading comprehension questions. The mathematics section contains, arithmetic, algebra, geometry and polynomials, quadratic equations, quadrilaterals, trigonometry, logarithms and sequences. It will show your strengths and weaknesses. Based on the results, you may be placed in remedial courses. Not to be alarmed, remedial courses are just to give you a little extra help either in math or language. This test is only valid for Dalton State College. You must have had an application submitted and have a Dalton state ID number to take the exam. You will have to register for this test, and may do so by going to the Dalton State College website and filling out a ticket. They do have walk in days, but it works as a first come first serve. The test is free to take the first time, but if you fail to meet the standards you do have the option to retake with a thirty-dollar fee. The test has no time limit and is taken on a computer. Whenever you get a question right it will make the next one harder and if you miss you it will get easier for you, so it is recommended to try your best. As it goes it will place you at the level you need to be in. Your advisor will …show more content…
Your major will be a specific area of study. Your classes will be determined to prepare you for the major you choose. According to College-Major Choice To College-Then-Major Choice, many countries use college-major-specific admissions policies that require a student to choose a college-major pair jointly (Bordon). At Dalton State it is required to pick a major during the application process. If you would like to change your major, there are specific dates that are available for you to change it. However, a change of major may result in needing additional admission requirements. This will delay your completion of your major, and could affect your financial aid. Depending on your major you will be assigned to complete a specific amount of hours. Those hours will be counted with the courses you are required to complete. I have chosen to go into nursing and I am a full time student. I attend 7 hours a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once you have been accepted you will meet with an advisor to talk about the best way possible it is for you to reach your goals. At that point, you can also decide if you want to be a full time or part time student. The difference between the two is that full time students have to take nine or more credit hours per semester and part time take five to eight credit hours per semester. In your area of study, they do provide mini certificates that you could receive

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