The Company 's Human Resource Management Essays

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Our firm’s main mission is to promote the social values and needs of the customers and the work force in the Dan-Mat Company. The firm’s Human Resource management will include a number of strategies and procedures towards the achievement of its mission and goals in the society (Society for Human Resource Management, 2011). For example, through collaboration and strategic partnership, the firm’s Human resource management plans to recruits, develops and retain high performing as well as diverse work force in the society (Society for Human Resource Management, 2011). The firm’s main plan and objective is to foster healthy, safe and productive working conditions to all the employees, their families as well as other public individuals who are part of the organization. The firm has several goals including valuing, supporting and meeting the diverse needs of its employees. The firm’s Human Resource management also involves the application of new technologies with the aim of satisfying the workers needs and interests, as well as keeping employees current with new and trending software, practices, and business models (Society for Human Resource Management, 2011). By staying current, all employees will be able to meet and exceed expectations by employing the latest tools.
At Dan-Mat Company, our mission is to treat every employee fairly and to contribute positively towards the provision of the needs and values of each employee in the organization (Society for Human Resource…

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