Essay on The Community Policing Theory Is Proven

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Researchers have done their own investigations on experiment to testify if their hypothesis of whether the community policing theory is proven to be successful or not. There are various technical strategies to gain results and to gather data to analyze the results. The steps of this process were to first identify the techniques that were being utilized, through the literature of research articles that were found such as peer-reviewed scholarly articles, and ebsco-host, including Google scholars. Methods are defined as what the researcher plans to use to study their theory. Some of the examples of methods can be how it is being tested, or what the individual is using to find their articles of different perceptions/articles that were trying to prove if the plan was gone correct or not. In this case, community policing program theory was tested through surveys such as interviews. An interview is a conversation between person to person, but being asked in an orderly manner, with questionnaires. While others are being asked on to a survey, which is the same manner, but in a written paper and their given task is to answer questions. This can be performed in a proper way keep the questions short and simple also understanding and not make the test bias. To gain method strategies’ to be used wisely because it’s time consuming and want the task to be effective as possible.
The possible variables that are to be measured about this research study is on, the perceptions of how citizens…

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