Essay on The Community Of The Nazarene

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“Mom hurry up I am going to be late!”
“We get you here 30 minutes earlier so you can prepare spiritually for the service, I think you will be fine”
“Finally here! See you guys at service, thanks for dropping me off so early!”
“Your welcome, but I still don 't understand the reason for you needing to be spiritually ready. All you have to do is listen to the sermon and leave”
“Mom this is the way for the Lord to be let me really get a hold of what he wants for me to learn and apply in my life.” This is always the way my mom handles the fact I had this needed to be as spiritually awakened as possible, especially right now in the world I live in as a high school student. Heading to my second favorite place I love to be next to of course the dance studio. Crossroads Church of the Nazarene, that 's my church and I 'm proud of it. I have always loved to pray on my own. You can 't dance in a service while you are praying. When I have my own reflection, I always seem to end up in tears over praying so hard for my unsaved loved ones, especially my best friend in the whole world, Caramel. Caramel is the sweetest girl ever she is so loving, caring, and a honest best friend. The only issue with her is that she is nowhere near going to Heaven. Caramel knows my faith and knows about church, but is such a God- Hating person that there is no way to get through her.
“Bliss its 6, time for Xroads! I have a special sermon just for you!”
“Can 't wait to hear it! Thanks Janel.” Every…

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