Essay about The Community Of Jamaica And Jamaica

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A community is a place in which a group of people share the same interest, even though it does not have to be in an environment because some people come together to build their own group with those who share the same interest as them. For instance, a religious meeting is considered a community since they share the same beliefs. In this essay, I will describe the community that I was a member of in Jamaica and also examine the process of community development. I will also share different perspectives on what it was like in a different community. Jamaica is a developing country that experience poverty that influences social problems such as unemployment, teenage pregnancy and also crime.
The suburb area in Jamaica which I will be referring to is known as Portmore, Schnore (1957) described it as a residential area, which is further away from the city. However, residents depend highly on the city for sources and goods. Likewise, with most job opportunities. The community is openly welcoming and many people are connected to the community for different reasons. Most people are connected to the community because of the positive interaction and respect they receive on a daily basis. Moreover, the population within this community, mainly consists of low income workers; families and students. Portmore is a large community, as reports in the Jamaica Observers, (Thompson) the population in Portmore is controversial, as survey 's record show that it is about 100,000, while the Municipal…

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