The Community Mental Health Centers Act Essay

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This learning brief will discuss the history of various policies that were enacted through the 1960’s until the 1980’s with regards to mental illness. The brief will discuss the factors that lead to the 1970’s deinstitutionalization movement for persons experiencing mental illness. It will also discuss both the advantages and consequences of deinstitutionalization. The brief will conclude with a discussion on issues that are important for social workers to consider today.
In 1963, the Community Mental Health Centers Act was passed by John F. Kennedy which provided funding for the creation of community mental health centers (CMHCs) (Grob, 1995). CMHCs were created in hopes of assisting with the detection of early indicators of mental illness, to propose remedies to help prevent lengthy hospital stays and the frequency of symptoms caused by mental illness, and to deliver support while in the community (Grob, 1995). In 1968, Congress created an additional function for CMHCs which included children, the elderly, and individuals that abused substances (Grob, 1995). Due to this additional function, the services for individuals with severe mental illness lessened (Grob, 1995). Between 1970 and 1972, programs for mental health were reduced. In 1975, the passage of the mental health law was passed which increased the function of CMHCs (Grob, 1995). In 1977, Jimmy Carter created the President’s Commission on Mental Health to evaluate requirements and make proposals regarding…

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