The Community Guidelines For Housing Essay example

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As a first generation college student my parents always expect the best out of me the reason being is that I’m their first child to get into a university. My parents are from Guatemala and they immigrated to the United States since they believe that their children can live a better life than they did. I personally don’t drink often or at all and I have not had trouble with alcohol. My father was an alcoholic but then join a group called Alcoholics Anonymous and I went to their talks about how they abuse alcohol and I knew that I didn’t want to drink a lot or at the very least how they do it. It’s very for me to drink alcohol for two reasons I don’t get the mindset of getting wasted is to have a good time and that I’m still a minor. The community guidelines for housing are their for students to understand that when you do anything it will affect the community whether it be good or bad.

The reason the community guidlines are their is because we need to respect our neighbors we lived with. We also should understand if one of us breaks the guidelines which help protect the people and ourselves living in that community from being hurt based on our actions. Alcohol has been proven to affect our cognitive function and if your underage it can impact your health significantly and that 's why their are laws to protect the youth from consuming alcohol. The legal policies are their to protect the youth and the other policies such as drinking and driving are their in place to protect…

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