Essay The Community At Codman Square Health Center

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I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to apply for the Community Manager position that recently became available! I would love to be a part of the Boston Community Corps team and I hope this letter will demonstrate why.
During my time working for Health Leads at Codman Square Health Center as a case manager and patient advocate, I managed the case of 20+ older adult patients. This involved aiding them to access food, shelter, and other public health benefits they needed. This work was fairly challenging at first because, as a young college student, they believed it would be easy to disregard the things I would ask of them. However, I figured out how to not only build better rapport with them, but also how to ensure that it was clearly understood what role we each had to play. It was important to explain that I was there to manage their cases and they would need to respect our policies before we could reach our goals. Similar challenges arose in my other public health positions as well since they all involved working with similar populations. To manage these various clients and patients, I had to guarantee that I knew our guidelines and always remained well prepared.
These are the skills I intend to bring with me to the role of Community Manager, along with the communication, administration, and management skills I have been able to develop in my current role here at Jumpstart as the National Operations Coordinator. Some tools I currently use in my role are: my ability…

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