The Communist Manifesto And Das Kapital Essay

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Karl Marx is one figure held central to economic theory and practise, born in 1818, his two most popular books, The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. (The History Guide. 2008)
Marxism more recently is the term attributed to Karl Marx, it can be visually observed to compose the substratum of communism. David Ricardo another central figure in economic theory, born much before Marx in 1772, he was an adherent of Adam Smith’s work, his key theory, the labour theory of value developed in the 19th century. (Investopedia. David Ricardo) In this essay I aim to dissect both theorist’s kindred attributes and differences and in the later stages draw upon what components of their theories I find utilizable and why.

To commence, Karl Marx was born in the early 1800’s, at this time magnification population output had incremented and corn laws had been repealed due to Ricardo’s arguments against them, these arguments were influenced due to Ricardo and bellwethers of British industries wanting to open incipient markets for the commodities being made in their developing factories. Likewise, they had an economic interest in food being cheaper for their workers. (Matthew Sparke. 2012). The context of the environment can be understood as a major influence in Marx’s writings. He embarked by evaluating human labour, one may argue this is because of long working hours and deplorable conditions that Marx came across. Him being a capitalist critic, he became involved with the communist party,…

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