The Communications And Culture Course From The Fall 2016 Semester

1549 Words Dec 9th, 2016 7 Pages
The Communications and Culture course from the Fall 2016 semester provided students a deeper understanding of the history, theories, and methods of communications. The course lectures gave an introduction to basic theoretical foundations which could later apply to understanding the interdisciplinary traditions of communication. Additionally, it provided an exploration of the way in which theory and methodology inextricably intertwine and how their relationship shapes both inquiry and analysis. In this assignment, I will touch upon the paradigms, theories, and histories I learned throughout course content. In particular, I will articulate more information about the critical paradigm and a qualitative methodological paradigm. My second task in this paper is to summarize and critically analyze an academic article that I found related to the topic of interest from class.
As a communication researcher, I feel drawn to understanding what people enjoy about the media they consume. A question that often comes to mind is: Why do people behave and react to what they experience in the media content they consume? This course enhanced this interest of mine, because of our discussion about critical analyzation on various media products, encoding/decoding, oppositional readings, critiques of traditional ideologies, and audience reception. This course ingrained the importance of understanding the histories, politics, and assumptions of information that we consider scientific, inherent, or…

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