The Communication Methods Of Communication Essays

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History of Communication

The communication methods employed by human dates back from a very early stages of civilization. In the primitive ages, communication were based on human voice. But it had a limitation, the distance. As distance grew between two people, messages got hard to convey due to the limitation of vocal cord. Next big step taken by human civilization was the invention of fire. He soon realized that this fire could be used for communication. During the attack in China, soldiers used to light up big smoke at regular intervals to warn others for impending attack. But the real development occurred in the fields of data communication was the development of Morse code by Samuel F.B.Morse. The code consists of basically on and off tones, light or clicks. But the real potential of Morse code was realized with development of long distance radio communication when Marconi successfully transmitted Morse code across Atlantic in 1901.

Today we came a long way from radio wireless communication. With the advent of Internet and mobile phone, technology took a great leap forward. Electronic Circuit board has become smaller by the use of semiconductors and communication device is portable now. Even the medium of communication has gone lot of changes. Cooper based wires have gained acceptance widely as the major mode. Lately another medium has gained quite an importance due to its advantages over cooper based wire. It is called fiber Optics.

In this article we will try to…

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