Essay on The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania 's Department Of Education

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For this assignment I used the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Education’s website and specifically examined the state’s enacted budget as well as the Tuscarora School District (TSD) budget, for the local school district. As Odden (2008) states, “the basic problem in school finance consists of providing sufficient resources to schools to enable them, to provide an equitable and adequate education of each child.” Assuming this is true, it is unclear to me how adequate a job the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is currently doing in this area. When I ventured off of the state’s Department of Education website to see what general contentious was concerning school funding, it quickly became clear to me that there are many opinions out there and few agree with the states most recent past and process at arriving at a state education budget. This trickles down to the local school budgets as well.
The total school budget of the Tuscarora School District for the 2016-2017 school year is $36,942,229 (Final General Fund Budget, 2016). $16,634,395 of that budgeted amount comes from local property taxes that have continued to increase. $16,010, 607 of the TSD budget comes in the form of revenue from state sources. The per pupil cost for a student in the TSD are approximately $15,926 (R. Kaczmark, personal communication, November 13, 2016). This seemed on the higher end until I looked at my own schools per pupil cost that comes in around $100,000. This of course…

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