The Common School Movement Of America Essay

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The Common School Movement
Shardul Mahida

Temple University

The Common School Movement

From the earliest days of American settlement, education has been a concern. The common school movement is the turning point during the eighteenth century in the United States which changed everything about education. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the moment and how it has impacted the education in America. Three distinctive features of the common school movement: All children attended the same school and were taught the same political and social ideology; the government used the common schools as instruments to government policy; states created agencies to control local schools. This did not take place overnight; in fact from 1820 to 1860 schooling was starting to flourish in America. There were some key parts that made this moment a possibility. The main purpose of the movement is to give all children in America a free education. Due to this moment we now have public schools which gives every child in America an opportunity to a brighter future. This was made possible by putting tax onto every family to support free schooling. There were many great individuals, who played a big part into this movement. Horace Mann played the biggest role in making this a possibility. Horace Mann was the individual who pushed for the movement, and made sure this movement went into effect. Not everyone was like Henry and Horace, in the beginning the…

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