The Common Law And Equity Law Essay

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The objective of this essay is to provide a brief introduction to the origin and purpose of the common law and equity law. Starting broadly, the law basically is a structure of rules that are enforced and backed by the cohesive power of the state to govern and control the social order. Fundamentally, the law is formed through legislation, binding of precedents, decree and regulations. These sets of rules are further segregated into criminal law, civil law, common law & equity and religious laws. This essay will also examine the usefulness of equity law over common law, analyze weakness of common laws and distinguish in the way that these two jurisdictions operate.

In the 800s the Great Britain King Alfred the Great created the shire and each shire had a court to create the common law, which disposed of cases in terms of local customs. Norman conquest brought a centralized system of courts, which soon built up and administered a system of law common to the whole of the kingdom. During the period between the Roman invasions and the arrival of the Normans in England, the common law system became evident for the first time (Mulholland, 2001). The Common law is sometimes referred to case law or precedent as it emanates from individual cases. The laws we have to comply with, which are essentially created, developed and implied by judges sitting in a court deciding on disputes in individual cases. Basically, judges follow the doctrine of precedent, which means that the decision…

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