The Common Core State Standards Essay

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The Common Core State Standards were released in 2010 for English language arts and mathematics. The Standards were enacted to create a set of college-and-career-ready curriculums to follow for kindergarten through grade twelve. Presently, 42 states and the District of Columbia have agreed to implement the standards in their schools with the hope of creating college and career ready students by the time they are supposed to graduate high school. The creation of these standards has created a large impact and many changes in the schools that have implemented them. These standards are meant to be consistent across each state, therefore, regardless of where students live, they can receive the same level education and also transition from school-to-school or state-to-state- smoothly.
Overall the largest group of people that argue against the Common Core State Standards are parents and teachers. “Prior to the standards movement, the textbook largely defined what students should learn. The textbook was the curriculum. But when standards began defining what students should learn, a sudden vacuum in curriculum support became apparent” (Kendall, 2011). The Common Core standards happen to be very controversial among many individuals. The first reason why it is said to be controversial is that there is no evidence that the standards actually raise student’s achievement, yes the standards are still young but the overall progress has not been researched enough. State legislators were not…

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