Essay about The Common Core State Standards

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“I know, I know, just bear with me for a minute. Whether we like it or not, the Common Core State Standards are here to stay. So, by a show of hands, how many of you know what the Common Core is?” Every hand in the room went up. “Okay, who would like to give me a thumbnail sketch?” Several hands rose excitedly. “Yes, you,” James said, pointing to a boy in the back row.
“The Common Core is another blatant attempt by the federal government to take over control of public education, and centralize more power in Washington, DC. Now, I know what you’re going to say, you’re going to tell us that the standards were not developed in Washington; you’re going to say they are a function of the National Governors Association, and that their development came from private industry with funding from folks like Bill and Melinda Gates. We’ve all heard that bullshit. We see it for what it really is – a federal takeover of local education.”
A round of applause greeted the boy’s response.
“All good presenters are expected to know their audience,” James said, smiling. “And that’s exactly what I’d expect to hear from an audience of intelligent young men and women being recruited as Beacon teachers, it warms my heart – you guys are certainly very well informed. Okay, so look, I agree with you: From a policy and political perspective, the Common Core State Standards are just another progressive inroad. However, we’re going to use them to turn the system on its head. So, everyone in this room needs…

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