Essay on The Common Characteristics Of Structuring People

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Part A:

1) All organisations share the common characteristics of structuring people in such a way as to have them optimally working together to achieve an end goal. At Kaibosh – a non-profit organisation - you see various forms of volunteers structured loosely together to assist management. Under guidance from authoritative figures at Kaibosh, these groups help with the rescue and sorting of surplus food, working to achieve Kaibosh’s goals of eliminating food waste and poverty.
Similarly, at Google – which differs from Kaibosh in that it is an organisation for profit – we see multiple groups of people interacting with one another, not just in the office but across the globe; structured into departments and managerial roles, working together to achieve the business set goals.

2) Henri Fayol theorised four management functions characterisation, each of which can have been put into practice by Kaiboshs general manager Matt Dagger. These managerial functions - as explained by Samson, D.,Cathro, V., and Daft, R. (2012)1 - are:
 Planning: The skill of planning looks at managers defining goals, then deciding the tasks and resources required to achieve said goal. Matt does this as he directs volunteers to complete the tasks of gather and distributing the surplus food, in turn working towards Kaibosh’s goal of less poverty and food waste.
 Organising: Complimenatry to planning, organising is the skill that is used to allocate who will do what tasks, and with which resources. Matt…

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