Essay about The Commercial Spacecraft The Nostromo

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The commercial spacecraft the Nostromo is on a trip returning to earth after going on a mission to find minerals within its ships you have seven passengers who are in a deep sleep. You have Captain Dallas, his second in command Executive Officer Kane, Warrant Officer Ripley, crew members Ash Science Officer, Navigator Lambert, and Engineers Parker and Brett. They have all been working together for some time in deep space forming relationships and co habituating habits. In Alien we how our main character our protagonist the person we as views must relate and love Ripley. Ripley is a strong and very independent women in this movie weather we see it or not Ripley does go through many changes for one her environment peace is attacked, she also deals with betrayals within her space family. Ripley like the rest of the characters in the film Alien come in contact with a new life form aka our very dangerous and very deadly alien. Ripley is the third in command aboard the Nostromo if anything was to happen to our captain Dallas or second in command Kane then Ripley the only female with authority would take charge and command. Ripley is a strong character who rarely shows much of any emotion in the beginning of the film except to John the spacecrafts only pet a cat. Ripley shows a fondness to the little cat seeing as she could get love and affection from the little guy. This shows that Ripley has the ability to be kind and thoughtful, when Ripley is anything but that in the…

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