Essay on The Commencement Of A Bachelor Of Management Degree

1031 Words May 29th, 2016 null Page
2016 saw the commencement of a Bachelor of Management degree for myself and I was eager to begin. Having studied a whole year of university I was familiar with the Uni lifestyle and was excited to begin something that I was truly interested. However, MAA104 was unlike any other learning experience I had encountered throughout my first year of university experience. The three-hour class seemed daunting as I am not one to enjoy sitting still for hours on end. Having studied predominantly health subjects for the past few years, business was something that I was interested in yet had very little experience. As accounting is a vital sector of business, I knew that progressing through this unit and gaining an understanding of the necessary accounting principles was important in obtaining my management degree and joining the business workforce.
After completing the first segment of the assessment I received positive feedback regarding my future goals. My goals that I chose from the start of the trimester where to keep an average of 70% on all the weekly workbooks throughout the trimester whilst also seeking help when needed. For the first half of this goal, I am proud in myself to know that I managed to keep above 70% for the majority of my workbooks throughout Financial Literacy. Although I should have spent more times on part’s A and B, having these parts completed prior to every class was something I made sure to keep up. Through planning out each week for financial literacy…

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