The Command And Control Leadership Essay

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Highly effective relationships can occur through appropriately matching leadership and followership styles. Leaders seek to uncover hidden potential in followers and assist them in their growth to achieving success (Thornton, 2013). In addition, organizational productivity can be increased by accurately coupling leaders and followers. Laissez-fair leaders can be paired with exemplary followers because they tend to do well under little supervision. Exemplary followers are self-motivated to complete given tasks. This pairing requires low levels of relationship- and – task oriented behaviors (Bjugstad et. al, 2006). Additionally, command and control leaders would work best with the conformist follower. The command and control leader tends to be very directive, therefore resulting in the conformist following directions as communicated. The command and control leader is very task-oriented and directs followers with detailed plans, which is what the conformist needs to succeed. From my military perspective, the command and control leadership style is most appropriate during war-time situations. Especially when time is limited and decisions need to be made quick, fast, and in a hurry. I have personally used the command and control method when taskings are time critical. The conformist followership style is needed in time sensitive situations. Furthermore, charismatic leaders are a good match for the passive follower. The charismatic leader can sell a vision that…

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