The Coming Of Age Subgenre Essay

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Iconography throughout the Coming-of-Age subgenre plays a major role in how the films plot plays out. Three key elements of the genre’s iconography are music, emotional pull and being visually realistic. In terms of music, the coming-of-age subgenre includes dramatic emphasized music that makes moments specifically climatic. For example, in the final dramatic scene of The Spectacular Now, when Sutter finally realizes who he has become as a mature adult, he explains that he is just trying to live in “the now”. The song Wild Nights, by Snakes!Snakes!Snakes! dramatically plays as Sutter narrates is college essay, followed by Sutter driving off into the daylight to visit Aimee. He explains that wishes to make everyday count and the song lyrics include the line, “I had to find out, figure it for myself.”

Sutters college application essay that he narrates the answer to about in future in the final scene.

Closing scene of Sutter driving off into his “NOW”

Another key feature of the coming of age subgenre is emotional pull, this can be clearly seen in Juno, when she is faced with the decision of rethinking adoption. After Juno fully decides that she will not abort her child, she is forced to make a decision on whether or not she wants to give her baby up for adoption. After deciding yes, there are many moments of emotional pull, that attach the audience to Juno and allow us to feel for her. She is torn between the idea of being able to raise her child, or continuing to grow…

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