The Coming Jobs War Book, Clifton Essay

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In The Coming Jobs War book, Clifton (2009), discusses what leaders would be confronted in the future. He suggests that before a revolution, there will be a global competition. Additionally, if countries fail to create good jobs, their societies will fall apart and they will experience all sorts of chaos, such as people experiencing suffering and instability (Clifton, 2011). Clifton goes on to say that world leaders will experience chaos, not only because the lack of peace, the lack of global wellbeing, or the lack of extraordinary advancements in human development, but because of the lack of good jobs (Clifton, 2011). He offers that an “increasing number of people in the world are miserable, hopeless, suffering and becoming dangerously unhappy because they do not have an almighty good job” (Clifton, 2011, p. 1-2). Further, the community college system needs to think of ways to enhance their role to train for new jobs to ensure job sustainability.
Formal and Informal Jobs Another concept that Clifton gives is that a good job is also known as a formal job; thus, formal jobs includes thirty hours or more of weekly employment, a constant income, and insurance. For instance, going to work on a daily basis from nine O’clock to five O’clock with an hour lunch, and getting income weekly or by-weekly (Clifton, 2011). Additionally, Clifton confers that at that time, leaders and economists were uncertain how to define informal jobs (Clifton, 2011). Conversely, informal jobs are…

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