Essay on The Comics And Manifest Destiny By David Adesnik

730 Words Feb 9th, 2016 3 Pages
Do you ever imagine a world in which everyone has the ability to fly, read minds, teleport, and more? There are more than a thousand of comic book heroes, each with their own unique powers and perspective. Along with all new films being released based on different comic book characters, it is no wonder why the imagination we have is endless. However it has been questioned whether or not comic book heroes are mainly American and portray American culture only. Why is it that most of the super heroes from comics live in America and not anywhere else? When it comes to comic book heroes they are complex characters that were created with their own views however they can adapt into other cultures other than American. To begin with, David Adesnik’s “Marvel Comics and Manifest Destiny” discusses the controversy of whether the superheroes in comic books are mainly focused on American life or not. Adesnik questions the possible outcomes of taking a superhero from comics and altering their characteristics into another background other than American. Adesnik uses Superman as an example. Stating if Superman were to land in another country other than America, then the world Superman lived in may have had a different history. Adesnik then goes into further details explain the story of Spiderman and how the story of Spiderman was altered into an Indian background. With big changes done to the story of Spiderman, the question arose whether or not other characters from the comic book world…

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