The Combination Of International Economic Crisis, Drought, And Political Unpreparedness

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The combination of international economic crisis, drought, and political unpreparedness left many Albertans in a predicament due to a cycle of deficiency. First came the drought. Entire crops were ruined due to the drought, eventually not producing enough grain to repleshing seed supplies. Getting money from the banks to replace seeds was difficult, the provincial government was nearly impossible, while getting it from the federal government was overly bureaucratic, meaning if a farm ran out of grain, and money to buy more grain, they would no longer be able to grow crops and support themselves. For an example, in 1934-35 31% of farms in the district of Vulcan and 41% in Lomond had a negative income pg55, and the attempts at relief put the government in great debt. Despite these low numbers “Agriculture accounted for more than half” of Alberta’s gross production in 1933 pg 512. The “bonded debt for 1933 was $133,837,260.” pg 514 and in both 1934 and 35, Alberta gained over $129,000,000 in gross bonded debt pg 514. Much of the money available was not spent because of beliefs about the economy, and what was spent was put to waste because debt legislation mades no distinction between the dried out areas and those which had enjoyed normal crops. pg 524.The previously mentioned myths were in mind for Albertans which kept them from seeing the situation clearly such as the ‘protestant work ethic’ and the myth of a “family wage.” It was also believed at the time that although…

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