Essay about The Combatting The Zika Virus

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Combatting the Zika Virus What may seem like a mild, common, mosquito borne illness can prove to be a tragedy to families. In most adults, the Zika virus simply causes fever, rash, and upsets the digestive tract, like many other illnesses, but when it comes to expectant mothers, it can cause devastating effects. Zika can cause the brain of a fetus to fail to develop, an issue known as microcephaly. This issue makes it impossible for an infant to successfully grow into a fully functioning human, and brings about issues such as learning disabilities and seizures. Zika Virus used to seem like a distant scare, only having been heard of in foreign countries such as Uganda and Brazil— many hadn’t even heard of it. However, it is now hitting much closer to home. The Zika Virus has been found in the United States, in the state of Florida. It has been found in the city of Miami, people are panicked to protect their citizens— especially expectant mothers. If it spread this quickly and easily in to one of the United States, it could spread into others. The state of Alabama is one of the most vulnerable states, as it is so close to Florida. Zika is a danger to public health, and preemptive measures must be taken to prevent the virus from spreading into the other states along the Gulf Coast. In this paper, the history of Zika will be addressed, including where it was first found and the classification of the virus. Next, the symptoms and dangers it poses to expectant mothers will be…

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