The Columbian Exchange And Its Impact On Society Essay

1159 Words Mar 25th, 2016 null Page
Every time that we think about our past and what made a significant impact in history, we can say that the Columbian Exchange made a major impact for many people. This expansive exchange that accumulated between the New and Old Worlds is said to be a transformative time in our history. In the times of the columbian exchange, there were many items of distribution that had been transferred between the Americas and the rest of the world. There were many significant people including Motolinía, Bartolomé de Las Casas and Christopher Columbus that were part of this expansive and adventerous exchange between worlds. Even today we still recognize these few people as either influential people or ones of negative influence. The Columbian Exchange created a lot of change for people including scenery, products and cultures, whether they were from the Americas, Africa, Europe or Asia. As we go through this widely known time period, knowing what was transferred and dealt will help us evaluate how effective this exchange really was. Following that, there were positive benefits that helped many people from the different continents which we could say changed history forever. Lastly, there are always going to be a few negative consequences of the exchange that greatly impacted the people and their environment. In perspective, the Columbian Exchange created a new way of thinking that which lead to much innovation in trade and negotiating, but also diseases effected much of what the…

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