The Colored Museum By George C. Wolfe Essay

973 Words Nov 16th, 2016 4 Pages
As I reflect on my present state of conciseness, I can honestly say the play, “The colored museum”, has helped shaped my thinking . “The colored museum” was a eye opener in the light of racism towards African Americans in The United States. This play was a precise indictment of the oppression and slavery blacks had to face through the making of America. The author George C. Wolfe, illustrated oppressed economic and social conditions that African Americans occupied and still do. These conditions have played a role in the African American culture ultimately, in my opinion, brainwashing the community and keeping the responsibility of moving forward left to “white America”. I believe this to be true being that Blacks are still playing out roles that were assigned to them years ago. For instance in this play there is a act called “Symbiosis”, which demonstrates how blacks in America feel as if they have to literally throw away their African American culture that they’ve grown to love to “fit in” and be accepted by the society in which they inhabit. However, this play not only shows the oppressive side of this racism but it also apprises African Americans to resist the consumption of these narratives created since slavery has ended. This point in particular, connected with me the most as I related it to the modern day entertainment industry that is flooded with African Americans. These entertainers are some of the only role models the African American Community has, setting…

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