The, Colorado, California, Oregon At The Time Of The Trip Essay

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Adjust First
Breckenridge, Colorado is an awesome town that my family went to for vacation when I was maybe eight. Along with my immediate family other relatives went with us. One of the family members there was my Uncle Jim. Jim lived in Portland, Oregon at the time of the trip and he is really big into two things; chocolate and running. It is important to know that the elevation of Portland is fifty feet whereas the elevation of Breckenridge is 9,600 feet.
In every room of the condo we were staying in, there were signs warning guests of the dangers of participating in strenuous activities before acclimating to the altitude, there were also oxygen tanks to accompany these signs. These precautions were taken because Breckenridge is known for its skiing resort and large biker population among whom it was a common occurrence for athletes to stain themselves.
The morning after we arrived Jim decided to ignore the warnings and went out for his usual morning run and when he came back he collapsed. Jim was diagnosed with high altitude oxygen deprivation. Due to one run he was sick and unable to participate in many activities because of fatigue and migraines for the rest of the trip.
It is crucial to learn our limitations but learning to adjust is also essential. Unlike my Uncle’s example it is important to heed warnings and take your time. Rushing into unfamiliar settings and situations can be awkward, embarrassing or even life threatening in worst case scenarios. Moving to new…

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