The Color That Represents Openness, Cleanliness And Purity Essays

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White. The color that represents openness, cleanliness and purity. At that age, I admired all of the white surrounding me in that hospital and awed at how fascinating and different this setting was compared to the normal, everyday places I visited. I was sitting in a chair with my feet dangling and swinging back and forth, just like what every five year old would tend to do. Next to me, sitting in the vast hallway, was my cousin who was the same age as me. We laughed and played joyfully as we waited for my parents who were in the room next us. The door was closed which created a barrier that shielded our eyes from what could’ve been on the other side. At this time, I thought hospitals were places where people went to get painful shots or where doctors would treat the sick, a.k.a those with the common cold. I didn’t know why we were there. Heck, I didn’t even know what hospitals really were. All I cared about at that moment was that I got to skip school that morning and lucked out on missing kindergarten lessons, which consisted of basic reading and numbers. After waiting patiently for the large, white door to open, my dad finally popped his head out and signaled us to come in. As I imagined, the small hospital room was just as clean and welcoming as the rest of the building. While my mom and the doctor were talking quietly near the back of the room, my dad kept my cousin and I company near the door. I wasn’t able to hear anything from their conversation except for mumbles…

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