Essay on The Color Purple: Literary Analaysis

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"A man shall not be judged by the color of their skin by the content of their character," Martin Luther King Jr once said. But does this logic always apply in the real world? In many societies, there seems to be a shift of roles based not fully on character and quality but on gender, race and class. The community tends to assign positions, drawing itself onto the denial of roles to the odds. Alice Walker, in her book "The Color Purple" brings the readers to the realization of this fact of life, as she describes the life and emotions of a typical black woman, in such a society, seeking happiness and achievement. Racism and discrimination may be long gone but their principles have a lasting effect on the society. Walker …show more content…
She believes the whites should not be superior and the blacks should not be inferior; the wrong is on both sides. Why is it that "only white people can ride in the beds and use the restaurant ...and they have different toilets from colored" (236)? In these kind of societies, some white people are disgusted to stay with "some strange colored man" (188). These extreme cases of discrimination destroys the society, hiding the talents of the talented and the knowledge of the knowledgeable. In the story, Alice Walker describes a protagonist who, despite the assumptions or the stereotypes of the society, faces her life with confidence as she awaits the fulfillment of hopes of the real her - the hopes which the society had blinded her of in its ways. She denies the society's roles and this eventually leads her to self-improvement happiness and accomplishments. The reader sees in the story that although she was hopeless and had nothing to dream, through a series of events and with the motivation of others around her, learned to achieve her dreams and stand to her rights. Celie saw herself as a black woman, but not as the society sees it. She saw herself as a person just the same as every other person in the planet. From the emotions and reactions of Celie, the reader can realize that she has been through many situations of the worst levels and is ready to face life as it comes when she says, "I know white people never listen to people

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