The Color Purple By Alice Walker Essay

2089 Words Mar 6th, 2016 9 Pages
Racism isn’t an uncommon thing. Currently there are numerous offensive acts of racism done all over the United States. However, the amount of acts of racism has declined over the years. During the 1900’s countless acts of racism and sexism existed in the United States. Most of these acts targeted diverse groups and females. When Alice Walker made her book The Color Purple, it was around early 1980’s. She focused her timeline of her book during the early to middle 1900’s. During this time, racism was a big problem and so was the discrimination and inequality of women. Alice Walker made her book to express the difficulties happening in our country during that time. She uses characters who are very different from each other, but live slightly similar lives. Alice Walker’s book The Color Purple shows how a quiet woman and her “family” rise above racism and sexism difficulties. Alice Walker successfully expressed her opinion towards racism in a way to get people’s attention. She used many examples of what actually was happening to African Americans in the 1900’s and had her characters face that similar situation. Celie our main character is exposed to racism at an early stage in life. Celie at an early age is faced with difficult and sad situations, from being raped by her “father” to getting separated with the closest person she had. She had nobody to talk to, except God. Celie told God everything that happened throughout her life. As years go by and Celie’s life just keeps…

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